The Food Districts of Thailand

Thailand is a diverse land with a culture developed from it’s ethnic history. At the heart of it’s culture are strong family ties and a devotion to Buddhist Religious beliefs. Known as “the land of smile”, Thailand is a must for those visiting South East Asia.

Thailand also has a strong food culture, with meal times being an important part of the day for Thai people. They take great care in the preparation and presentation of food.

Thailand has four distinct areas:

This are shares it’s border with Myanmar and Laos. The area is strongly influenced by Burmese culture.

The North is known for more spicy dishes, such as Larb.

Pork larb thai salad

This area also shares it’s border with Laos, and the majority of people in the area speak Laos as their main language. Agriculture is the primary industry in the region, which is characterised by rural communities.

The North East of Thailand, similar to the North, is known for quite spicy dishes.

The Central region is the economic and political centre of Thailand. It incorporates Bangkok and has the highest density of population and industry.

Partly due to the population, Central Thailand cuisine is renowned for it’s “street food”. Noodle dishes such as Pad Thai and Pad See-Ew originate from here. Also common are soups and milder curry dishes.

Thai tom kha soup

Southern Thailand is located on the Malay Peninsula. It is home to many pristine beaches which combined with a more tropical climate, has made it popular for holiday resorts and tourism. Due to it’s coastal location, this region is home to many fishing communities which form one of the main industries.

Food in Southern Thailand tends to be somewhat more spicy, with dishes such as Yellow Curry being popular. Not surprisingly there is also a focus of seafood dishes.

thai bbq salmon fillets

Thai Naan Restaurant creates food from across all the districts of Thailand, as well as adding some more contemporary elements. Come and visit us to get a true taste of Thailand.

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