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About Thai Naan Restaurant

May 6, 2016

Established in 1996, Thai Naan provides elegant and contemporary Thai dining.

The Districts of Thailand

December 14, 2014

Districts of Thailand

Thailand is a diverse land with a culture developed from it’s ethnic history.

At the heart of it’s culture are strong family ties and a devotion to Buddhist Religious beliefs. Known as “the land of smile”, Thailand is a must for those visiting South East Asia.

The Districts and Food Culture

Thailand also has a strong food culture, with meal times being an important part of the day for Thai people. They take great care in the preparation and presentation of food.

Thailand has four distinct areas:

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new temple in Nong Khai

Thai Naan Sponsor Temple Construction

December 8, 2014

Temple Sponsorship

Thai Naan Restaurant are sponsors of the construction of a temple in the North East of Thailand.

Air (the restaurant owner) grew up in Nong Khai provence on the Laos border, where here Mother and Father still live. Her Father had always had a dream of building temple in their village. With the success of Thai Naan Restaurant, Air and her husband Peter were able to provide support for a new temple.

Construction of the temple began in 2006, and was recently completed at the beginning of this year (2017).

new temple in Nong Khai
Construction of temple in Nong Khai

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